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Natural table water originates in the Greater Caucasus Mountains Azerbaijan Republic Qakh district, in the beech wood and oak forests. Qakh district of Azerbaijan is one of the cleanest districts of Caucasus and famous with long-livers. It is often called Caucasus Switzerland. Clean water begins the way in the high mountain s of Caucasus and passes through forests, where undergo filtration through many kilometers sand and gravel. After exit on the surface we additionally filter it and pass through ultraviolet and then bottle it. Every drop of natural table water SuNar is the carrier of health energy and characterized with unique soft taste. Make sure in it and water SuNar will be always with you and on your table! 


Production of natural mineral table water “SuNar” officially began its history from February 8, 2013. According to the order of executive power of Qakh district of Azerbaijan the facility on bottling of natural mineral table water “SuNar” started activity from this day. Equipment for the facility manufactured and installed by the factory “Specproavtomat” Moscow city, Russia. All existing equipment and conditions meet all international sanitary norms and standards of quality and safety.

Nowadays the facility is completed and commissioned (there is appropriate order of Executive power and MES etc.) and all certificates from Ministry of Health and Standardization, and conclusion on physical and chemical characteristics from scientific- research institution of rehabilitation of Azerbaijan Ministry of Health.


Advantage of our water:

 - Bottling the water at the source.

 - Huge debit of water.

 - Practically no need to clean (water is clean, colorless, odorless, no sidement).

 - Water “SuNar” is natural table water and there no any limit on its usage.

It is plan to produce water “SuNar” in special glass and other special bottles, that meet all world standards.





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